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             Power cable
             Coaxial cable
             Microphone cable
             Speaker cable
             Tel cable
             Alarm cable
             Utp cable
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Ningbo Fenghua Boda Electronic Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd.
Ningbo Comxu  Wire & Cable Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

is a manufacturer of various wires, cables, connectors, and other series of products by trade. Located in Xikou Town Fenghua City, which is Chiang Kaishek's Hometown and a state-level scenic resort, it is 20 kilometers from Ningbo international Airport and 25 kilometers from the oriental giant seaport--Beilun Port, hence great advantages in transportation and environment.

With via years of investment, research, development and production, the company has accumulated abundant experience in producing electronic wires and cables, absorbed the latest production techniques in and out of China, introduced advanced production equipment and testing facilities, and more importantly, has employed sufficient technical professionals. The company operates in strict accordance with the quality control system, and brings out products of perfect quality and top technical standards. The products are marketed around China and quite a portion are shipped to the E.U., the US, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, the South East Asia and other countries and regions, where they are well received by the users.

In this new century, the company will, on the basis of honest management, keep efforts to update its managerial conception, set up a scientific corporate management system, and conduct business operation in strict accordance with the international common practice. And boda co. welcomes clients from across the world to join efforts for mutual development.

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